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Tiburon Pool

Hey Members & Future Members,

Welcome to Summer 2024 at Tiburon Pool! Tiburon is a private neighborhood pool located in Gretna, NE. We are a separate entity than the golf course.

As a member of the Tiburon Pool, it is your responsibility to become familiar with and follow the Pool Admittance Procedures and Swimming Pool Rules in this Handbook. Please review these procedures and rules with your family.


Memberships are broken into two categories - - resident and non-resident. Residents are defined as primary homeowners living full-time within SID 158. Non-residents are those living outside of the SID. Please note that Tiburon South, Tiburon Ridge, and Tiburon Estates are not included in SID 158. Anyone not residing in the home full-time is considered a guest may enter with the member, paying the daily guest fee.

Swim lessons and the summer league swim team are only open to members of the pool. We are excited for this upcoming season!


Membership Fees

$275 - SID 158 full-time residents

$550 - Non-residents*

*Tiburon Estates, Tiburon Ridge, and Tiburon South are not a part of SID 158 and therefore pay the non-resident rate.


Pool Admittance

Pool Parties

Memberships are housed online in the Member Portal. Each member’s photo will be verified when signing in at the entrance. Registration and payment for guests must be completed at the entrance prior to admittance. Guests must be accompanied by a member. Members are allowed a maximum of five (5) guests per day.

The guest fees are:

Children 12 months & under...........Free

Guest Pass (1)..................................$5.00

Guest Pass (10)..............................$50.00

*The Board has instituted a policy that would revoke the membership of any member who brings a guest without signing them in and paying the guest fee.  No exceptions will be made to the enforcement of this policy. 

Pool parties may be booked with a manager on duty during normal hours of operation.  Pool parties may only be booked by pool members.  Pool parties are subject to a separate contract that the member will sign.

Rates for pool parties are:

Up to 50 People..............................$225

Up to 100 People............................$250

Up to 200 People............................$275

*The date for the party will only be reserved when full fee is paid. No exceptions. 

How to Book Your Party

1 - Book with a manager at the pool
2 - We prefer a check for your deposit
3 - We will not cash the check until the party in case of inclement weather.

Pool Rules

As a member of the Tiburon Pool, it is your responsibility to become familiar with and follow the Pool Admittance Procedures and Swimming Pool Rules in this Handbook. Review these procedures and rules with your family.

Flotation Devices

Due to the safety issues and dangers they post, floatation devices such as inner tubes, air mattresses and water wings are not permitted in the pool.  The Red Cross has specifically identified water wings as the most dangerous and prone to incident.


Children 5 years and under may wear U.S. Coast Guard approved lifejackets and must be accompanied by an adult in the water.


Snack Area

Outside food and drink are permitted.  All food, including candy, should be eaten only in the designated snack area.  This helps to keep the deck clean, reduce the likelihood of trash blowing into the pool, and attract fewer birds and bugs. 

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